FLO Radio Vol. 68 – What you doo doo

Damn, I am really sorry. I just keep holdin’ out on puttin up the mixes! SHAME ON ME!!!!!!! It’s been troublesome as of late because I have been getting sick over and over. Damn let me tell you something kiddies – if you get the Flu, clear your calender for like 2 months at least cause that shit will have you in and out of your bed hella times. Anyways here is a set I recorded back right before the new year, I had alot of great people stayin at my house from LA and the Bay to party for the holiday/new year. It was a wonderful time believe that. Hopefully this mix reflects a bit of my good feelings that week. Peace and respect everyone!

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Mix by Co FLO

Your tracks:

Flyin High – Marcus Worguil
Sketches (Shlomi Aber Version) – Kenny Larkin, Shlomi Aber
Feeling You (Henrik Shwarz remix) – Omar
Musica Feliz (Manoo Feliz Obrigado Mix) – Rodamaal
Someday (Stephen Rigmaiden Mix) – Zano
In this World (Blakkat Devotional) – Blakkat
Get Ready (Halo Dub Vocal Mix) – DJ Le Roi ft. Chappell
How Bad I want Ya (Main Radio Mix) – Soul Element feat. Peven Everett
Heavawn – Co FLO
Insomnia feat. Claudia Franco – Rodamaal
The Light – Andre Lodemann