Born and raised in the East Bay Area of California Coflo considers him self a “house head” before anything else. Growing up in the Bay Area club culture as a dancer, Coflo’s obsession with music drove him to the explore the inner-workings of sound, musical composition and the art of a club DJ. This wanting to understand more drove Coflo to study music in basic theory, production, instrumentation etc… In an effort to further his knowledge in dance through music, Coflo began to fall in love with the art of music production. Through friendship with local dancer/producer Stephen Rigmaiden; Coflo was shown some of Stephen’s trade secrets of house music production. Since these basic beginnings Coflo has grown in both dance and music production through the decades. Known as one of America’s best “house dancers” of a new generation; Coflo now has published remixes and original productions on King Street; Ocha Records and MoBlack Records. He has also founded a multi-genre music label for his artistry crew “The Soulshifters” called Catch The Ghost Records. Coflo acknowledges many of his sound choices to his local influences as well as his on going study of the Brazilian martial art/music; Capoeira. Coflo send his respect and gratitude to the dance-floor masterminds of the Bay Area club culture sounds: David Harness, Patrick Wilson, Dedan, Jayvi Velasco, Cali, Cecil, Carlos Mena (while in the Bay). If your coming to the Bay looking for a party or dance session, hit him up.